Ecotec Quality Assurance

EcoTec has hand-picked the highest quality of components from global leaders to give our clients reliable wastewater treatment plant.. The compressors and components require only periodic predicted service to works without any failure for many years. Many of our plants are running without having to replace any diffusers for more than 6 years.

Design and Delivery of your STP

EcoTec Design and Delivery of your STP

Our sales team members based on your inputs give relevant information for design and design team support you in with our inputs to what should be the size of the wastewater treatment plant, its performance and other relevant information. An inception report can be submitted on needs basis.
Most customers and their consultants although know the sizing of the plant, it is quite often the case that some information is missing in basic consideration. To ensure that we give you the right plant that works for you now and also in the future, we take the extra effort to ask you some basic questions to get the right design parameters for your wastewater and sewage treatment plant.
KLD usually means the water usage, while the physical, biological and chemical parameters in the sewage change based on the building type, type of users and occupancy, etc. For example resorts, hotels, commercial buildings, schools, hostels, commercial kitchen, and hospitals need special design consideration.

EcoTec customers, owners of EcoTec plant and its operators are trained by our technicians on plant operation, trouble shooting and maintenance. Our operation and maintenance manual is an all in one reference document that give you full explanation of plant operation, service, maintenance. Sampling procedures and analysis of performance can also be done by referring to EcoTec operation and maintenance manual.

The operator can be trained on following,

  • Sampling procedure for testing BOD, COD, NH4 and P
  • Jar test SVI, activated sludge and sludge age analysis
  • Sludge digestion and it is wasting procedure
  • Operational parameters optimisation- energy saving through plant operation adjustments
  • Measurements of parameters like 02, pH, DO, etc.

Once we have agreed with you on the concept, with the inlet levels, invert levels and the location of the wastewater treatment plant a detailed design is given to you. It is always important for us to have understood your project to give you the right design. On agreement with your competent representatives (consultants), drawings with actual levels are considered and drawings are shared with you.

On request and on needs basis site visits are carried out during construction of the tanks and corrective measures are advised as per site conditions.

Based on the design our production department manufactures the process equipment in our factory in Chennai. All parts, components and equipments are quality tested by our competent engineers and technicians.

EcoTec trained professional are always there for installation supervision of the plant. Each installation is complete after conducting performance test for each part, component and equipment. Commissioning and plant start up is the easiest part of EcoTec plants, it happens with just switching on the plant. Performance of the plant stabilizes in 30-40 days from the day of plant start up.

STP Rental and Leasing Scheme

Plant Operation & Maintenance

Plant Operation & Maintenance

Each plant owner and operator is supported on needs basis by our engineers and technically qualified personnel through various after sales support systems. You can choose to have internet based telemetry monitoring of the plant where our technical support is available instantly. Our India wide trained support network is always ready to support you with your needs any time. Replacement of wear and tear parts can be done by a local electrician with our remote support.
Each plant comes with controller that is pre programmed with information on informing the operator or the owner when the service time is approaching. You can contact us early enough to get you plant service done. You can also subscribe the optional O&M package where all services are done on timely basis.

When plant performance has to be altered due to local conditions (low occupancy, better treatment, etc), our service personnel are always ready to help. It is usually done by varying the settings in the controller. Replacement of wear and tear parts can be done by a local electrician with our remote support. Remote support is also provided when you choose to have internet based telemetry system. This is recommended for larger plants above 100 KLD.

Remote support is also provided when you choose to have internet based telemetry system. By opting to have remote telemetry, we can support you at every step of plant operation and performance monitoring and analysis instantly. We always ready to support you with your needs any time. The operator can be instructed to repair the exact problematic part with our advice. This saves a lot of time and money for customers. This is recommended for larger plants above 100 KLD.

We are always willing to evaluate our plants and also other plants for performance and compliance to statutory norms. Most plants have unnecessary equipments and tertiary treatment process which are expensive to operate and maintain. Operators are not qualified enough to run plants. Our technical team has saved a lot of money to many through our performance evaluation and process optimization advices. Of course this is not for free!

Special STP Services

Ecotec Warranty

Standard 1 Years Warranty

EcoSBR plants come with high quality components procured from manufactures with highest global reputation. EcoTec provides a standard 1 years warranty for all components supplied by EcoTec. The warranty does not include free service of components as part or whole. It is the responsibility of the buyer to maintain the plant as per the operation instructions.

Extended Warranty

Depending on customer request EcoTec provides a comprehensive extended warranty for components for as long as 5 years. Customers that choose for extended life warranty enter into a yearly contract by paying a premium to cover for component failure replacement with/ without any additional expense.