Construction Companies And Projects- Importance Of Early Engagement With STP Companies

Construction Companies And Projects- Importance Of Early Engagement With STP Companies

Construction Companies And Projects- Importance Of Early Engagement With STP Companies

 Construction companies engage MEP consultants who have expertise in plumbing and pumping. Seldom have we come across these consultants having an understanding of STP design according to building types.

The factors affecting the STP design depending on building type are the water usage pattern the type of occupants and their habits of using water. Apart from this, some buildings may have hotels, restaurants, and car wash facilities that are not foreseen during the planning or even at the construction stage.

When it comes to offices and IT companies, the wastewater usage pattern is different when they are single-shift or multiple-shift buildings. Sewage treatment plants in Resorts and hotels suffer due to bad designs often due to MEP consultants’ negligence or lack of understanding of wastewater quality.

Residential property developers have been misguided by technology providers and consultants regarding the efficacy of STP with false claims that a sewage treatment can only go into operation when there is 30% occupancy.

Supermarkets, malls, and commercial buildings have to deal with low footfalls during weekdays and high footfalls during weekends and there is excessive footfalls during festive seasons. So the STP design has to consider water usage during all these situations.

All these constraints have a solution and when projects are constructed with sewage treatment plant designs that consider all factors such as occupancy, water usage pattern, holidays and vacation operations, low inflow accommodation, shock loads balancing, etc.

EcoSBR sewage treatment plants are treating wastewater in almost all building types across the country without much need for modification at a later stage during the course of operation. Not a single plant designed by EcoTec has been revamped or changed to a different technology by a client.

EcoSBR design considers the following in each of its projects,

1.      Building type

2.      Occupancy calculation (based on global standards and also based on field realities)

3.      Wastewater generation pattern (not just peak loads alone)

4.      Building usage pattern

5.      Different services that may come in a building

a.      Separation of kitchen wastewater (Indian restaurant kitchen habits of dumping everything through washing)

b.      Laundry wastewater is not a problem

c.      Car wash or servicing units

6.      Holiday mode

7.      Vacations

8.      Seasonal occupancy

9.      Weekday and weekend occupancy

10.   Buffer for shock loads depending on building usage pattern

EcoTec engages with partner companies and clients from the early stages of a project so that all the factors influencing the STP operations are given due consideration.