Hotels and Resorts Wastewater Treatment Problems

Hotels and Resorts Wastewater Treatment Problems

Hotels and Resorts Wastewater Treatment Problems

Hotels and resorts are faced with the following conditions when it comes to operating a sewage treatment plant,

1.      Seasonal/ weekdays/ weekend occupancy that is varying from 20% - 150% of water usage

2.      Indiscriminate disposal of waste in water in kitchens

3.      Oil and grease traps are filled and smelly

4.      Treated water is not meeting the required norms

5.      Laundry water again is an issue

6.      STPs are constructed in hard-to-access locations

The above conditions are common for any hotel or resort. For EcoTec and EcoSBR it is not a problem to treat this wastewater effectively. The usual method we take ensures very high-quality treatment with minimum usage of power.

1.      Separate the kitchen water from the rest of the wastewater/ sewage

2.      Laundry water can be mixed with STP

By doing this the problematic kitchen water can be treated and disposed of, while the rest of the water can be treated and reused in flushing and other recycling.

A DAF can be used to treat the kitchen water. The resulting sludge can be dewatered and sent out as solid waste.

During low occupancy periods, EcoSave mode kicks in and treats water as per incoming volume and waits for water to come in.

As our design does not involve noisy machines and without moving parts in tanks, the tanks can be built under the walkway or pavement without having to be built in a basement far away without any access.

Thanks to EcoSBR design, many small to large hotels treat their wastewater successfully even in remote locations. Please visit our reference page to see some of the hotels and resorts with our sewage treatment plant.