Choosing The Right Sewage Treatment Plant For Your Building

Choosing The Right Sewage Treatment Plant For Your Building

Choosing The Right Sewage Treatment Plant For Your Building

The choice of sewage treatment plant in a building should be seen from broadly 4 aspects,

1.      Technology choice

2.      Ease of operation

3.      Need for higher/ lower volume of treatment

4.      Discharge /reuse of treated water

Technology choice

There are many technologies available to treat sewage from a building but broadly they are classified as aerobic and anaerobic treatment choices. While anaerobic treatment is cost-effective, the treated water does not meet the pollution control norms. Moreover, there is no control over treatment and there is no possibility to make any improvement to get better treatment. Such anaerobic systems have become redundant with stringent treatment norms. Reuse and recycle of anaerobically treated water without aerobic post-treatment could be smelly.

Aerobic treatments have become the option of treatment as they are they have evolved to get better treatments either as an aerobic process or with additional tertiary treatment processes for improved treatment. Tertiary treatment systems such as ultra-filters and MBBR have become common, while they are white elephants to operate and maintain.

So, the right choice of sewage treatment plant should be to achieve maximum treatment in the secondary aeration stage and use simple tertiary treatment such as sand filter and disinfection to meet PCB norms for reuse and recycling.

EcoTec, EcoSBR process follows advanced SBR (sequencing batch reactor) technology with an aerobic treatment process that achieves high levels of treatment in the secondary stage itself and has the following advantages

1.      Easy to operate

2.      Fully automated

3.      No need for a full-time operator

4.      Energy efficient

5.      Long life

6.      Very high quality equipment

7.      Surpasses statutory requirements.

8.      Has holiday mode operation for low occupancy

9.      Can accommodate shock loads

EcoSBR sewage treatment plants are treating wastewater in almost all building types across the country without much need for modification at a later stage during the course of operation. Not a single plant designed by EcoTec has been revamped or changed to a different technology by a client.

EcoSBR design considers the following in each of its projects,

1.      Building type

2.      Occupancy calculation (based on global standards and also based on field realities)

3.      Wastewater generation pattern (not just peak loads alone)

4.      Building usage pattern

5.      Different services that may come in a building

a.      Separation of kitchen wastewater (Indian restaurant kitchen habits of dumping everything through washing)

b.      Laundry wastewater is not a problem

c.      Car wash or servicing units

6.      Holiday mode

7.      Vacations

8.      Seasonal occupancy

9.      Weekday and weekend occupancy

10.   Buffer for shock loads depending on building usage pattern

EcoTec engages with partner companies and clients from the early stages of a project so that all the factors influencing the STP operations are given due consideration.