The choice of sewage treatment technology determines the space requirement for tanks and the electromechanical parts for the respective technology. Thus the choice of STP technology should be determined and decided at the planning stage of the project itself. Depending on the type of building and excavation for basement and other underground structures, it would be better to complete the construction of the tanks for the STP during the excavation for the building if it is close to the building or in basement. This would save a lot of money that will otherwise be 3 to 4 times expensive if construction of the underground tanks has to be done after the construction of building. The final stage of installation and commissioning could be done just before the occupancy of the building or even after the first occupants have come to the building. A well planned STP takes just a few days for installation and commissioning. On the contrary, the choice of technology for a STP starts during the project completion stage and sometimes the tanks are in place with some design that does not meet the requirement to install any sewage treatment process and thus resulting in many non performing STPs. Builders and Architects should choose the technology for the STP during the project planning itself as it would save the project money and more importantly the reputation of the project with a performing sewage treatment plant.