Wastewater is the water that emerges after usage in domestic, commercial, industrial process and human activities. Sewage is the wastewater that is coming from domestic and municipal sources, without much of industrial activities. Human domestic water usage is in washing, laundry, cooking, bathing, flushing toilets, etc. In the domestic water there are some clasification of wastewater,

  • Blackwater- Separated toilet flush water
  • Greywater/ graywater- water from bathrooms, sinks and laundry
  • Brown water- combined toilet flush water and urine combined
  • yellow water- separated urine mixed with some water
  • indian kitchen sink water- this does not have a typical name as yet, and this has high content of food particles,
  • starch, oil is drained into the sink, that otherwise should be disposed in a solid waste bins.
  • sewage water- this is the combination of all the wastewater of above categories

There are technologies and options to treat all the above categories of wastewater separately, while a common sewage treatment is a widely applied option.