It is rather easy to explain what one should not do in choosing the design and technology in sewage treatment. According to the requirement and the experience consultants, architects and builders have with usage of different technologies of sewage treatment systems, they should be in a good position to choose the choice of technology for a customer. Many sewage treatments have failed due to application of principles of large sewage treatment plants for smaller and mid size plants by plumbing (MEP) consultants. Plumbing consultants should not engage in the designing of sewage treatment systems if they are not qualified environmental engineers. Some consultants claim that they are neutral to technologies in sewage treatment. This means they do not know anything about sewage treatment systems. Builders and architects should use plumbing consultants to plumbing alone and not engage them in design and validation of sewage treatment plants for projects. Finally plumbing consultants, once have chosen the technology option for the project, should ask technology providers to give their design for the plant and not use the method of fill up bill of quantities for sewage treatment systems that have not been arived with any basis for design. There is a need for shift in the way STP are procured if right choice of plant design and engineering have to reach the customer.