• Sequence batch reactor monitored by experts
  • Rest in peace with EcoTec remote monitor for your SBR plant
  • Expert advice on EcoSBR plant available promptly
  • SBR plant remote monitoring internet
  • sequence batch reactor dashboard in web monitor telemetry
  • Data analysis and reporting of SBR sewage treatment plant
  • telemetry system for remote monitoring

Product Description

EcoTec RemoteMonitor takes care of your sewage treatment plant operation and treatment parameter monitoring and reporting by data storing and reporting on daily, weekly or monthly basis. By this service you are relieved form unreliable services from operator and testing companies. EcoTec RemoteMonitor through its IOT service communicates with the plant on hourly basis and receives operational and treatment quality data.
EcoTec RemoteMonitor provide customers the information that will support them to know the plant performance at any time and to address need for performance optimisation with evidence based approach. When there is operational issues, errors are immediately communicated to stored email addresses for attention and response.

As service provider, EcoTec technical advice is provided to customers for quick recovery of system from errors. EcoTec RemoteMonitor is easy means to receive expert advice and to transfer plant information and knowledge to operators and owners. Through the EcoTec remote monitor, the plant settings can be changed without going to the plant. Experts make the changes to the plant ensuring the right intervention at the right time.
EcoTec RemoteMonitor provides smart monitoring of plant operation, quality and quantity of treated water. Depending on the customer requirement and statutory needs each plant can be upgraded to have online monitoring and control of its operation and performance.