Sewage treatment systems for municipalities, villages and townships

The sequence batch reactor (SBR) process is enhanced with EcoSBRprime systems where aerobic granular sludge (AGS) replaces activated sludge in treatment. Sewage treatment plants with EcoSBRprime systems are capable of removing nutrients such as ammonia and phosphorous biologically without additional treatment facilities or chemicals. Additionally, AGS settle rapidly reducing the settling time to a few minutes, thus enhancing the SBR’s capacity to treat higher wastewater volumes.

The aerobic granular sludge biological processes has a much lower demand for aeration in compared to other aerobic process (ASP, MBBR, MBR, extended aeration, etc.), thus, resulting in very low operation costs. EcoSBRprime plants are fully automated with control mechanisms that offer flexibility to change processes easily based on incoming wastewater quantity and quality. Most EcoSBRprime plants are designed to comprise multiple reactor modules that can be intelligently managed in parallel, maintaining multi-level communication across several control units.