Individual home and small sewage treatment Systems

EcoSBR compact is the perfect sewage and wastewater  solution for single home from 4 people to up to for cluster of homes/ apartments  with up to 20 people. Wastewater in a household comprising water from toilets, bath, sinks, laundry and kitchen is termed as domestic sewage, with EcoSBR compact this water can be treated in a fully underground tanks using advanced sequence batch reactor process. The treated water can be used for reuse or be safely discharged into the environment. The treated water can also be used for groundwater recharge.

EcoSBRcompact plants are designed for very long life and do not need replacement of parts for years together. Process automation, control and alarms give timely information to customer on the need for service and maintenance. The plant also has the ability to adjust operation based on incoming load, thus saving a lot of operation cost.

  • Fully automatic operation
  • No replaceable pumps or moving parts in wastewater tank
  • No valves in water for decantation
  • One air-pump does the work of sewage transfer pump, aeration, sludge recycle and also decanting
  • Easy to operate and maintain controller and air pump machine cabinet
  • Very low power consumption in a day
  • Operation is not hampered by frequent power cuts
  • All plant systems are made from high quality components ensuring continuous and trouble free operation at all times.
  • The plant being fully automatic overcomes the issues related to human operator errors.
  • Every sewage treatment system is integrated with energy saving Ecosave mode, which adjusts treatment needs according to incoming actual volumetric load.
  • The plant uses clog-free airlift-pumps that have no replacement parts. They are fit and forget installations with a very long life.
  • Each EcoSBR plant is pre-engineered according to site conditions at customer location.
  • The plant systems are compact and can be fixed on a wall indoor or outdoor.
  • The external control unit and the silent compressor is connected to the tank through hoses that operate the EcoTec airlift pumps and the diffused aerators.
  • Use of high quality stainless stee  (SS304) and plastics ensure long life of submerged parts in corrosive sewage environment.

EcoSBR plats operate as seqence batch reactors and the below steps are followed one after another for treating and purifying wastewater.

  • Filling
    Required quantity of sewage water from the collection tank is pumped into the aeration chamber also called as SBR chamber/reactor for treatment.
  • Aeration
    Activated sludge in the presence of air/ oxygen consumes the pollutants in the SBR chamber. Air is supplied in time sequenced manner in this phase.
  • Sedimentation
    Activated sludge settles to the bottom when air supply is cut off, with a clear water zone appearing at the top. This clear water is ready to be taken out of the chamber.
  • Discharge
    Clear water with low suspended solids is taken out of the SBR chamber for disposal, treatment for reuse and recycle. The settled sludge is removed for further storage and disposal