Large Sewage plant for residential and commercial complex (50- 500 KLD)

EcoSBR advanced is suitable for plants larger than 50 KLD and up to 500 KLD. Multiple modules of reactors can be intelligently operated simultaneously with multi level communication between several control units. A centralized control room can monitor the function of each of the plant module. Intelligent communication between controllers saves a lot of energy which otherwise is wasted. Multiple pumping stations can also be connected to the main control systems with various
monitoring options.

The EcoSBR advanced incorporates all features of EcoSBR select and additionally can be equipped with electro mechanical pumps, UV unit, chlorination, sand carbon filters that are required to make the treated water for reuse for different purposes. The EcoSBR advanced achieves 100% elimination of E-coli. The EcoSBRadvanced plants are equipped with EcoTec RemoteMonitor features for controlling the plant operation remotely and also to measure the treatment parameters in each batch of treatment.

  • No minimum load requirement
  • No need for complicated commissioning of plant
  • Modular plant saves operation cost during low occupancy period
  • Part of the plant can be switched off during non season period
  • Additional online operation support from EcoTec experts through optional telemetry
  • Connection to mobile phone possible (optional)
  • Monitoring from experts available through EcoTec RemoteMonitor

All plant systems are made from high quality components ensuring continuous and trouble free operation at all times. The plant being fully automatic overcomes the issues related to human operator errors. Integrated Remote Monitor ensures quick analysis of operation and water quality to carry out preventive care and maintenance.

Every sewage treatment system is integrated with energy saving Ecosave mode, which adjusts treatment needs according to incoming actual volumetric load. The plant uses clog-free airlift-pumps that have no replacement parts. They are fit and forget installations with a very long life. All plant components confirm to EN 12566-3 and CE.

  • EcoTec onsite tank construction design is provided to every customer. These tanks usually are constructed on site reinforced concrete tanks with the plant room on top of the tanks.
  • The EcoSBR plant is pre-engineered in our factory with each component selected and engineered according site conditions at customer location.
  • EcoTec engineers make site visits on needs basis to evaluate the tank construction. These tanks should be water proofed and tested for water-tightness before installation.
  • The plant machinery and the underground installation is carried out by trained and qualified technicians.
  • The external control unit and the compressor is connected to the tank through hoses that operate the EcoTec airlift pumps and the diffused aerators.
  • The hoses connections are made of high quality stainless steel (SS304) ensuring reliable long life in corrosive sewage environment.
  • Each plant is tested and calibrated once the installation is complete by filling clean water into the tanks.
  • Engineered microbe culture is added to commission the plant (optional)
  • All technical components of the plant are pre-assembled in our factory and are ready to be connected (plug and play) in each site within days.